WS3: Interactions and Applications for See-Through Technologies

Jonna Häkkilä, University of Lapland; Thomas Olsson, Tampere University of Technology; Ashley Colley, University of Oulu; Thomas Pederson, IT University of Copenhagen; Jens Grubert, Graz University of Technology
26 October 2014, Helsinki, Finland
Workshop website

Workshop in short

The workshop explores the interaction and design of applications and technologies that utilize see-through materials or use the illusion of transparency. See-through technologies such as Google Glass, transparent displays and mobile augmented reality are becoming more popular, and designs utilizing see-through materials and playful concepts that create the illusion of transparency are emerging. The workshop aims at addressing both user-centred and technical challenges of see-through technologies and investigates novel application domains and interaction metaphors. We welcome participants working on see-through computing from various different disciplines inside HCI to network, such as mixed reality, 3D UIs, UX design, and wearable computing, and foster a research community around the topic. The topic can be approached from different angles, e.g. design, prototyping, and user studies. Interesting research aspects include, but are not limited to:

  • Challenges and benefits of see-through technologies for UI design and HCI.
  • Identifying key use cases, application domains and use contexts for see-through technologies.
  • Designing, prototyping and evaluating interaction with see-through technologies.
  • Affordances and metaphors for intuitive and usable see-through interaction.
  • See-through user experience vs. seeing the surface.
  • Overcoming technical challenges of currently available display technologies.

The submissions (3-5 pages in CHI Extended Abstract format) are submitted through Easy Chair submission system by 14th of August 2014, and are reviewed by workshop organizers and a program committee. At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop and register for at least one day of the conference and the workshop. The submission page can be found here:

Workshop website