WS2: Teaching to Tinker – Making as an Educational Strategy

Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, IT University of Copenhagen; Emilie Møllenbach, IT University of Copenhagen
26 October 2014, Helsinki, Finland
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Workshop in short

In this workshop, we follow the idea of ‘making comes first’: We approach several, participant-supplied projects, accept them as challenges, and experiment collaboratively. The practical work is intended to provide us with the shared experience of surprise, discovery and learning, while discussing and questioning the educational perspectives of making. We engage in a dialogue regarding (potentially opposing) teaching approaches, frameworks, and concepts for making as an educational strategy.

Questions to discuss include: How to teach making? – How are people introduced to DIY and Maker Cultures? – Which different styles of making exist?

We address designers, researchers, engineers and artists. The workshop is intended to help create a community of makers and to form a network where makers can collaborate.

The workshop is conceived as a whole day workshop split up into two sessions (a morning and afternoon session). Each session comprises two 2-hour workshop projects. Workshop date: Oct 26, 2014.

The rationale for having a workshop, and not just oral presentations, is the opportunity to integrate (learning) experience, discussion and making. This is done through immediate action, on location, with concrete examples.

We hope for a minimum of four participant contributions. Contributing participants are asked to:

  • Bring a practical project we can build, including all necessary materials and tools;
  • Having a position on making as an educational strategy
  • Be prepared to present, explain and discuss it.

Everybody is welcome and expected to build stuff, interact, help, reflect and discuss principles of making, methods and frameworks of learning.

Workshop website