WS10: Aesthetics, Practices and Design for Organic User Interfaces (OUIs)

This workshop has been cancelled.

Yanqing Zhang, Mobile Life Center @ Stockholm University; Ylva Fernaeus, Mobile Life Center @ KTH; Eve Hoggan, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology@ University of Helsinki; Oskar Juhlin, Mobile Life Center @ Stockholm University; Vasiliki Tsaknaki, Mobile Life Center @ KTH
26 October 2014, Helsinki, Finland
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Workshop in short

As an emerging technology, shape-changing OUIs have non-planar displays that may actively or passively change shape via analogue physical inputs. The majority of research so far has focused on developing input and output technologies for OUIs. But there are many aesthetic considerations and potential applications of OUIs, which have yet to be studied in-depth.

The workshop aims to explore experiential and aesthetic qualities of flexible and shape-changing interactive objects, both tactile and visual, within certain contexts where interactions with the shape-changing artifacts will take place. It will bring together an interdisciplinary group of academic and industrial researchers to discuss the current and future opportunities of designing aesthetic experiences with the emerging technology.

We invite you to submit a 2–4 page position paper (in ACM Extended Abstracts Format) that discusses your thinking or practical work relating to the aesthetic aspects of shape-changing OUIs. We call on a broad participation, including researchers from technology, user studies, interaction-, product- and fashion design, multi-modal systems and haptic devices. No particular technical skills are required to participate.

The full-day workshop will include activities such as design exercises for specific personas and scenarios grounded in certain aesthetic practices with shape-changing technology in mind. The organizers will bring some examples for hands-on explorations, and participants are also encouraged to bring their own design ideas, materials, projects, or whatever they find relevant or interesting for this domain.

Workshop website