Industry Experiences

Quick facts about Industry Experience submissions

What are Industry Experiences
Industry experiences give an opportunity for experts working in various positions in industry to present their human-computer interaction related works and concepts to peers in both industry and academia. Sharing industry practices can help other companies improve their practices and assist academic researchers in understanding what is happening in industry.

Industry experiences will be presented as a 10-15-minute presentation in the Industry Experiences session on October 28, the Industry Day.

Industry Experiences Submission Content and Format
The Industry Experiences can be related to any phase of concepting or product development process, including, but not restricted to
– How information on users is used in decision-making at different phases (from strategic decisions to detailed design and implementation decisions)
– Process descriptions and real life implementation of processes and methods
– Descriptions, case stories and presentations of concept and real product creation (with an HCI approach)
We encourage submissions related to the conference theme of Fun, Fast, Foundational.

The submission should contain an extended abstract of max. 6 pages, conforming to the SIGCHI Extended Abstracts Format. The extended abstracts of industrial cases will be made available to the conference participants on a USB stick, and published in the ACM Digital Library. The submissions are not anonymous, since we want to see industry people among the authors.

We also accept Industrial Experiences submissions in other formats, as long as they can be presented on the stage in the Industry Experiences session in 10-15 minutes. However, the submissions not conforming to the SIGCHI Extended Abstracts format will not be published in the ACM Digital library. In addition to the Industry Experiences submissions, we encourage industry people to consider submitting to the demos, posters, videos, and design cases tracks of the NordiCHI’14 conference.

Industry Experiences Selection Process
All submissions will be reviewed by peers from industry and academia. The focus in review will be on general interest for the audience and how well the presentation enlightens industry realities, rather than strict academic criteria.

Anne Kaikkonen, Cresense Oy, Finland
Peter Dam Nielsen, Schneider Electric, Denmark